Outdated Legran V6 Sounds 0.2

Put the sounds of a Buick 3.8L in your LeGran and hear it ROAR!

  1. The LeGran Sounds Are Back!!!!!!!!

    What's New:

    No more clipping in the audio!!!

    New Idle Sound

    Engine "Load" sounds for throttle inputs.

    It has sounds of a "non-performance" V6 but I couldn't get newer sounds to replicate Buick's famous 3.8L

    It's still not bad though.

    I pretty much forgot about this vehicle as I hardly drive it in BeamNG... so I decided to improve the soundmod on my own time.
  2. Solved the Vaccum cleaner sound and got rid of the clipping in the audio files.

    No more crackle when revving the vehicle and it now sounds correct.
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