Beta Leap Of Death 0.4.3

A car-wrecking, hole of doom!

  1. Second Update @torsion (spawnpoints, lod...)

    Second Update from @torsion (spawnpoints, lod...)

    • Fixed cubemap on pond which showed orange texture.
    • Fixed LODs for bridges. This was primarily a problem at very large distances or on "Low" graphics settings. They showed up as the bright orange No Material color from far away. I defined the material and then adjusted the color to an appropriate brown.
    • Adjusted specular values on 4 bodies of water which were about double what the rest were using....
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  2. Fix for 0.9.0.xx

    Fix for 0.9.0.xx (thanks to @torsion)

    • Fixed loading in v0.9.0.5
    • Applied a concrete texture to the dam
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  3. Version 0.4.1

    - Fixed bridges hooking on cars/shredding tyres, replaced bridge .dae with one with a rounded collision box.
    - Added new texture to the decal roads, a little bit more fitting look, also completed decal roads on the "Quarry Road" around the circumference of the map. All roads are now detectable by AI.
    - Fixed water density, lakes will now put out burning cars, and will stop engines.
    - Tweaked day/night-cycles a tiny bit.
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