LC Star X2 2.2

LC's revival with brand new styling.

  1. BrunoTheMerlin
    ''The LC Star X2 is LC's first mass produced car for the general public looking for sporty cars at an affordable price .The Star is tuned to respond at how you want to drive it. Drift you say? turn off TC and the controlling will still be easy.''

    • Power: 606hp @ 6500RPM
    • Engine: ''Turbocharged'' V8
    • Weight: 2031kg
    • Drivetrain: RWD
    • Gear: 7 Speed Sequential
    • 0-100kmh: 5.0s
    • 80-120kmh: 2.16s

    HiResPhoto173.png Photo107.png

    Current version : 2.2
    • Still working on the interior, interior cam coming soon!
    • Fixed a bug with the added engine cover
    • Lights should be functional
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