LC Space X-Hybrid 1.0

Powered with Hybrid-Vtec Technology

  1. BrunoTheMerlin
    The LC Space X-Hybrid is a 3 door Compact hybrid powered vehicle equipped with a low-rev Vtec engine. When at lights, the Vtec engine will stop to let you save some fuel and reach a little more mileage. Due to this car being focused for a ''student friendly'' budget, It only tops a max power of 154Kw.

    • 9 gear Automatic
    • Vtec w/X-Hybrid technology
    • AWD w/Semi Space Frame
    • weights 1791kg
    • All-Aluminum Chassis
    Comes with cockpit cam as well, this interior is far from done tho.

    HiResPhoto166.png HiResPhoto167.png
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