Beta Kunugi's Realistic Skin Pack 0.4

50 Original skins, including engine cover repaints and IRL car replicas!

  1. 2nd update!

    Hello everyone!
    I've made a whole load of realistic and complicated skins for your pure enjoyment.
    Some vehicles have also modified gauges, engines, etc.

    200BX : 6 skins
    -A'pex 180SX D1GP
    -Minolta A70 Supra 87's
    -Minolta A70 Supra 88's
    -Street (Comes with repainted engine cover!!)
    -Tommykaira (original)
    -Fiat Coupe Polizia(Top Gear)

    Covet : 4 skins
    -Advan Civic
    -PIAA Civic
    -Spoon Civic
    -Spoon racing Civic

    Old Pessima : 12 skins
    -Nismo 270R
    -Nismo 400R
    -R32 nismo S-tune
    -BP Civic JTCC
    -Daidan ZENT Corona JTCC
    -Minolta AE92 Levin JTCC
    -Legacy 93's WRC
    -Japanese police
    -Drift missile (original)
    -Iketani's S13 (initial D)
    -Aoi TAXI(JPN Kyoto TAXI)
    -Yasaka TAXI(JPN Kyoto TAXI)

    Sunburst : 18 skins
    -R32 Calsonic JTCC
    -R32 Taisan JTCC
    -R32 Zexel JTCC
    -R32 Unisia jecs JTCC
    -R32 Reebok JGTC
    -Lan-evo rally TOMMI MAKINEN
    -Mine's R32
    -Mine's R33
    -Mine's R34
    -Mine's Lan-Evo
    -Street (This has a painted engine too!)
    -Street 2(This has a painted engine too!)
    -Drift missile (original)
    -Learning car (original)
    -Blitz 2004 ER34 D1GP
    -HKS genki hyper S15 D1GP
    -Paul's Lan-Evo(2 fast 2 furious)
    -Sulburst(GTA4 sultan)

    Bolide : 2 skin
    -Superveloce (LAMBORGHINI)

    D-Series : 1 skin
    -GR Tundra

    Dryvan : 2 skin
    -DEKOTORA (Japanese style dryvan)

    AN12 : 2 skins

    1st update 2020/5/20
    Minor correction
    Added 8 skins

    2nd update 2021/2/3
    Minor correction
    Added 6 skins
    Added (kunugi) characters to all skin names

    I'm accepting requests!!
    Have fun!!!

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