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Beta Konigsegg hypercar package 3.0 - 1 Year Anniversary

Added TUNING OPTIONS! Contains 8 hypercars from your favorite Swedish manufacturer.

  1. Added NITROUS! Added names to parts in parts in vehicle customiser + New pictures for everything

    It was only a matter of time until I will allow you to add NOS to these cars too...
    You can now apply 3000kw of NOS to a Koenigsegg and break physics while youre at it!
    Its all possible now!
    config2.png config3.png
    Now you can get any car to 4500+ Horsepower. Dont assume them to be controlable.
    Like at all. Only AWD and FWD cars will behave.
    Ive set the default NOS shot size to100kw.
    You can adjust the shot size at your willing in the 'Tuning' menu!
    Cars will behave weirdly with 3000kw of NOS applied (not active)
    config4.png config1.png nos.png
    All cars also now have renamed parts that tell you what you actually have installed in your car.
    I may add Engine and Aspiration swaps at one point too! So you can then put the 'Electric motors' aka the Boxer 6 engine of the Rimac into a Koenigsegg!

    If you didnt know already and just so happen to look in this update log, There are 2 other replica packs that have gotten an update!
    They feature all kinds of Koenigseggs and other curiocities
    (such as a Lamborghini Diablo, a Volvo hatchback with Pop ups and a Concept SUPERCAR from PEUGEOT...)
    Download links here!
    More cool cars!

    Now to a feature that nobody will really care about: New pictures!
    Including pictures for the garage that nobody uses! I still think its cool tho.
    The Config selector also now looks like this:
    new2.png new3.png

    Further changes:
    -Koenigess CCXR Edition, Special One and Trevita now feature sequential transmissions

    -All koenigseggs now have about the same grip
    -Gearing setup has been changed

    Here, have some more pictures!
    They kinda remind me of old PS2 games...
    HighresScreenshot00321.png HighresScreenshot00326.png HighresScreenshot00322.png HighresScreenshot00325.png HighresScreenshot00328.png HighresScreenshot00327.png HighresScreenshot00329.png HighresScreenshot00333.png HighresScreenshot00337.png HighresScreenshot00303.png HighresScreenshot00338.png HighresScreenshot00343.png HighresScreenshot00318.png HighresScreenshot00288.png HighresScreenshot00316.png HighresScreenshot00286.png HighresScreenshot00287.png HighresScreenshot00268.png
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