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Beta Konigsegg hypercar package 3.0 - 1 Year Anniversary

Added TUNING OPTIONS! Contains 8 hypercars from your favorite Swedish manufacturer.

  1. Revised CCR, CCX, CCXR, CCXR Edition

    This update is a big one!
    Ive revised 4 cars: the CCR, CCX, CCXR and CCXR Edition
    They all mow have better Jbeam models!
    -Added Superchargers to CCXR Edition, and CCXR
    -Revised JBeam models
    -Removes turboes from cars above
    -Changed and improved performance
    -Revised design of all cars named
    -Cars no longer scrape on the ground due to better models
    -New fancy Vehicle pictures
    HighresScreenshot00042.png HighresScreenshot00036.png HighresScreenshot00043.png HighresScreenshot00050.png
    Have fun!

    More pictures:
    HighresScreenshot00030.png HighresScreenshot00032.png HighresScreenshot00033.png HighresScreenshot00037.png HighresScreenshot00038.png HighresScreenshot00039.png HighresScreenshot00040.png HighresScreenshot00044.png HighresScreenshot00045.png HighresScreenshot00041.png HighresScreenshot00047.png HighresScreenshot00046.png HighresScreenshot00049.png HighresScreenshot00048.png
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