Expansive and immersive configuration pack focused on Japanese autos

  1. Quick Fixes


    Just fixing some things I missed in the main patch:

    -removed redundant yellow plate on 1984 Zenith trunk
    -fixed SBR4 GTs6-r rear tires being incorrect
    -tweaked 1984 Zenith rearlamp textures
  2. ""Hotfix,"" Zenith Coupe and Reworked Interior + More


    It's not really a "hotfix" anymore since its been so long, but you can thank two dead PSU's for that lol.

    -1984 Zenith Coupe
    -1984 Zenith 2-rotor rotary engine
    -1984 Zenith interior revamp
    -1984 Zenith rear light texture revamp
    -200BX minor configuration overhaul
    -1988 Ibishu 200BX 270R TECNICA trim level added (@gucci bucket cat)

    -fixed SBR4 signals...
  3. 0.26 Compatibility, Ibishu Pessima Zeniths, Ibishu Pessima Wagon, and more!

    BeamNGdrive_-_0262014381_-_RELEASE_-_x64_2022-10-22_14-39-24_online-video-cuttercom.png screenshot_2022-10-22_13-56-34.png

    the long wait for the 0.26 compatibility update is finally over!
    1.2 promises lots of new content, plenty of bugfixes, lots of optimization, and 2 whole new cars, the 1984-1986 Ibishu Pessima Zenith and the 1994-1997 Ibishu Pessima Zenith. Don't worry, the Covet will be receiving lots of new content in the near future as well :)

    -1984-1986 Ibishu Pessima Zenith...
  4. Post-Release Bugfixes, New Content

    Hey guys

    After a bit of a wait, i think its finally time to release our 1.1 update.
    It's pretty light on content, but it includes a lot of reworked content, a few new configs, optimization, and lots of bug fixing.

    Bug Fixes:
    -Hopefully fixed 2015 Sunburst not working for some folks
    -Polished and more finalized hybrid drive system, addressed bugs.
    -fixed missing textures on broken 1987 Pessima popup headlamps
    -fixed 200BX SR-TEC cluster incorrect glowmap...
  5. Pre-Release Bugfixing

    -fixed some texture issues
    -fixed overwriting vanilla parts
    -all textures should be .dds now
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