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JFXAM's Spanish License Plate Pack 1.0

Multiple spanish plates for all your inmersion needs

  1. JFXAM
    I noticed that new license plates were added with the new map, so I decided to give it a shot.

    They are compatible with any mod that supports the vanilla plates.

    20190225182100_1.jpg 20190225182229_1.jpg 20190225182627_1.jpg 20190225182646_1.jpg 20190225182827_1.jpg 20190225183007_1.jpg 20190225183303_1.jpg 20190225181644_1.jpg 20190225181705_1.jpg

    This pack includes the following spanish license plates (and not any other vehicles that might be displayed here)

    • Current (Normal and small) 20190225181655_1.jpg 20190225181637_1.jpg
    • Current, plastic (Normal and small) 20190225181942_1.jpg 20190225182238_1.jpg
    • Provisional (Normal and small) 20190225182635_1.jpg 20190225182653_1.jpg
    • Taxi (Normal only) 20190225183234_1.jpg
    • Temporal (Normal and small) 20190225183015_1.jpg 20190225182843_1.jpg
    • Trailer (Normal and small) 20190225184024_1.jpg 20190225183604_1.jpg

    (The Mustang in the images can he found here https://www.beamng.com/threads/ford-mustang-s550-2015-present.54863/)


Recent Reviews

  1. ism071
    Version: 1.0
    Hola,muy buenas texturas pero no tengo constancia de que en España existan matrículas verdes
    1. JFXAM
      Author's Response
      Existen. Son matriculas provisionales. No se exactamente en que se diferencian de las rojas, que son las temporales, pero definitivamente existen.
  2. PabloMM
    Version: 1.0
    La matricula de taxi no tiene textura pero por lo demás perfecto
    1. JFXAM
      Author's Response
      La matricula de taxi funciona perfectamente, se dice claramente en la descripción que solo hay textura para el formato europeo. Un saludo!
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