JDM D-Series "Ibishu Dove" 2.1.0

a budget orientated D-Series for non US markets

  1. Firepower
    After a long time being outdated and (almost) forgotten, the Ibishu Dove add-on for the Gavril D-Series is back !
    It has been completely reworked to be compatible with the latest version of BeamNG.drive, while being as close to the original mod as possible.

    Description :

    Gavril and Ibishu are forming a partnership with Ibishu to bring you the D-Series that has been rebadged as the Dove for the JDM and other RHD markets.
    Ibishu agreed on selling some Gavril D-Series under their brand, much in the same way as the Ford-Mazda or Chevrolet-Toyota partnerships were.

    Features :
    • No ABS
    • 2.2l i4 engine, optional supercharger in higher trim (aftermarket turbo included for the offroader and just for the insanity - superturbo too). Versus a v8, horrendously underpowered, but still lugs a trailered covet up JRI.
    • Wheels have been replaced by ibishu models (enlarged 6 lug pigeon steelies and enlarged '96 pessima wheels).
    • Ibishu badges on hood and tailgate.
    • Trim badges on fenders.
    • Right hand drive.
    About @mike94's mod : we know it has the same name, but we all agreed that the car is different enough so that we can still call it the Ibishu Dove. And before you criticize the name, please keep in mind that this mod originally came out before the other one ;)

    Screenshots :

    screenshot_00462.png screenshot_00463.png screenshot_00464.png

    Credits :
    @Firepower - Updating the mod, skin UVs and reworking every .jbeam files
    @Atomix - Mesh and original mod (used with permission)
    @SixSixSevenSeven - Original .jbeam
    @NismoR35 - Testing and suggestions

Recent Updates

  1. 0.14/0/15 Compatibility Update
  2. Comeback
  3. Update 1

Recent Reviews

  1. Ether7
    Version: 2.1.0
    This game needed a truck like this, awesome!
  2. ellis3246
    Version: 2.1.0
    great pickup
    really reminds me of the bobcat from the 3d universe gta games
    but quick question whats the map in the 2 tone screenshot
  3. Paralex
    Version: 2.1.0
    I love it but wheels fall off and the AWD/4X4 never work :(
    1. Firepower
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the report. I can't reproduce the issue, what version of the game are you running ?
  4. FRSBR4
    Version: 2.1.0
    love the mod but can you make a mod for the d series like a gmc scyclone
  5. Cody Kamminga
    Cody Kamminga
    Version: 2.1.0
    love it alot, would love the jdm grill on the left hand drive d series
  6. TassetteCape
    Version: 2.1.0
    Fun little toy to play with, adds more variety to the D-series, finally i have a roll bar with actual lights on it instead of having to put it on the cab... pfft who does that to a truck thats what roll bars are for!
  7. Capkirk
    Version: 2.1.0
    Very fun little mod for the D-series. However, wouldn't the hopper 2.5L make more sense as an engine. It's faster even thought it has less power because of it's wider torque curve.
    1. Firepower
      Author's Response
      That one got added a few updates ago, I don't see what you mean
  8. Aerohead1999
    Version: 2.1.0
    I love this mod for years and hope to see more updates in the future, But i have a question? could there be a Left hand drive variant of the Dove?
    or make it possible to put the front Fascia of the dove onto the D-series.
    all the things that the dove variant has could be placed on the default D-series.
  9. corvettedude101
    I love the truck. the only problem i have is offroad lights don't appear but the light orbs from them do (don't know if im just stupid).
    Two things i'd love to see(just my opinion) would be fender marker lights and amber rear turn signals so its more like a JDM spec vehicle. But thank you so much for this mod, i can finally have a four cylinder truck XD
  10. Captain. Adam
    Captain. Adam
    Amazing mod !
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