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JDM D-Series "Ibishu Dove" 2.2.0

a budget orientated D-Series for non US markets

  1. Firepower
    After a long time being outdated and (almost) forgotten, the Ibishu Dove add-on for the Gavril D-Series is back !
    It has been completely reworked to be compatible with the latest version of BeamNG.drive, while being as close to the original mod as possible.

    Description :

    Gavril and Ibishu are forming a partnership with Ibishu to bring you the D-Series that has been rebadged as the Dove for the JDM and other RHD markets.
    Ibishu agreed on selling some Gavril D-Series under their brand, much in the same way as the Ford-Mazda or Chevrolet-Toyota partnerships were.

    Features :
    • No ABS
    • 2.2l i4 engine, optional supercharger in higher trim (aftermarket turbo included for the offroader and just for the insanity - superturbo too). Versus a v8, horrendously underpowered, but still lugs a trailered covet up JRI.
    • Wheels have been replaced by ibishu models (enlarged 6 lug pigeon steelies and enlarged '96 pessima wheels).
    • Ibishu badges on hood and tailgate.
    • Trim badges on fenders.
    • Right hand drive.
    About @mike94's mod : we know it has the same name, but we all agreed that the car is different enough so that we can still call it the Ibishu Dove. And before you criticize the name, please keep in mind that this mod originally came out before the other one ;)

    Screenshots :

    screenshot_00462.png screenshot_00463.png screenshot_00464.png

    Credits :
    @Firepower - Updating the mod, skin UVs and reworking every .jbeam file
    @Atomix - Mesh and original mod (used with permission)
    @SixSixSevenSeven - Original .jbeam
    @NismoR35 - Testing and suggestions

Recent Updates

  1. 0.17 Content Update
  2. 0.17.1 bug fix
  3. 0.14/0/15 Compatibility Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Shadern
    Version: 2.2.0
    Loved this Mod, then it went missing and now its back! A left hand drive version would be very nice though.
    1. Firepower
      Author's Response
      Left hand drive is avaliable, it's just a bit finicky to implement right now (if you want more info check the changelog). You need to select the LHD interior on the JDM cab
  2. The Only True Sanic
    The Only True Sanic
    Version: 2.2.0
    I really like this mod, its a perfect representation of a modern day brand partnership, the only thing i think could benefit this mod is having the dove be a separate car from the D-series. Even though its the same pretty much everything, because the D-series already has so many configs its kind of overwhelming in my opinion. If its a programming issue i can understand but it would be easier to find in the menu.
  3. Im_a_Lefty
    Version: 2.2.0
    Great mod, I have made lots of custom configs with this one!
  4. SuperAusten64
    Version: 2.1.2
    Great mod. I only have two complaints:
    -The Ibishu badge on the hood is not removable in the parts selector.
    -There is no rear window on the JDM cab.
    I don't know if both of these things are by design, but it would at least be nice to have the option of a rear window, even if it isn't on any of the configurations.
    1. Firepower
      Author's Response
      Fixed in the next update
  5. EvanTheNerd 1
    EvanTheNerd 1
    Version: 2.1.2
    Sooo, This little truck is indestructible! I crashed it 5+ times in the front and the Hopper engine (4.0L I6) and the Radiator is still in tack! I love it! I have proof of it not failing on me lol. This truck reminds me of the time Top Gear made an episode (Or scenes) of a Toyota Hilux going through buildings. fire, water (sea), being hit by a wrecking ball, and worst of all... being put on a building with explosives (Housing/Apartments and of course abandoned) by a demolition crew to see if it lives from thousands of tons of building material... And... IT LIVES!! And, That is exactly what happened to your mod... being indestructible! Thanks for this amazing mod!
    Also, I would love to see the new engine update (Starting up sounds) to be put in your mod! Thanks again!
    1. Firepower
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind words ! Also, I'm currently working on an update to bring it on par with the 0.17 vehicles (sound-wise etc), but I need a bit more time to finish it. Hang tight !
  6. MichaelMotorcycl
    Version: 2.1.2
    please add newer 4cyl sounds. These olds ones are ugly. like the mod tho
  7. ididntpirateit
    Version: 2.1.2
    I like it.
    I just wish that the new dynamic engine sounds from 0.16 would be added.
  8. GLion
    Version: 2.1.2
    Loving this mod ever since it's first release, but i think a LHD version should be a good addition to the mod.
  9. farcar
    Version: 2.1.2
    Thanks for this great mod!
  10. CrimsonCrocodile
    Version: 2.1.2
    Thanks for the fix, now I can enjoy my favourite mod once again :)
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