Beta Javiersp98 Parts Pack 1.3

Lots of useful engine tunings, transmissions, gear ratios...

  1. Update 1.3 !!! Covet AWD, lots of engine tunings for nearly all the cars and more!

    Sport Exhaust
    3.08 Gear ratio
    3.55 Gear ratio

    Gavril TCM 11.7L Diesel Engine (The bigger brother of the stock engine)
    Race T350 Turbocharger, optimized for high end power
    5 Speed manual transmission
    8 Speed automatic transmission (ETK based)

    ETK K & ETK 800
    Sport intake for ETK 3.0 I6
    FWD Transfercase (Thanks @PabloMM)

    Roamer & Van
    3.27 Final drive
    4.54 Final drive
    5.08 Final drive
    Sport Long Block
    Sport ECU

    Gavril D Series...
  2. UPDATE 1.2

    Hi guys!! Here I bring you a spicy update that definitely you will enjoy ;)

    List of new parts:

    Ibishu Covet
    1.8 SOHC Engine (Big block in a Covet!)
    2.0 DOHC Engine (This is getting serious :rolleyes:)
    6-Speed Manual Transmission
    Race 6-Speed Sequential Transmission (Hillclimb vibes:cool:)

    0.9L F4 Engine (If you think the 1.1 is fast, then try this;))
    1.7L F4 Engine (for those that are always pushing the 1.5 to its limits)
    2-Speed Automatic (comfortable and well...
  3. Fixed Zip File

    Well, so when I uploaded the zip to the forums they messed it up and the mod didt't work, so this is a hotfix just to fix that.

    Apologies for the inconvenience, this is my first mod upload :rolleyes:
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