Beta Javiersp98 Parts Pack 1.3

Lots of useful engine tunings, transmissions, gear ratios...

  1. Update 1.3 !!! Covet AWD, lots of engine tunings for nearly all the cars and more!

    Sport Exhaust
    3.08 Gear ratio
    3.55 Gear ratio

    Gavril TCM 11.7L Diesel Engine (The bigger brother of the stock engine)
    Race T350 Turbocharger, optimized for high end power
    5 Speed manual transmission
    8 Speed automatic transmission (ETK based)

    ETK K & ETK 800
    Sport intake for ETK 3.0 I6
    FWD Transfercase (Thanks @PabloMM)

    Roamer & Van
    3.27 Final drive
    4.54 Final drive
    5.08 Final drive
    Sport Long Block
    Sport ECU

    Gavril D Series
    4.0V8 Turbo engine (GMC Syclone inspired)
    Sport Long Block
    Sport ECU

    Grand Marshall
    Sport Long Block
    Sport ECU
    4.10 Final drive
    3.55 Final drive

    Ibishu Covet
    AWD transfercase
    AWD Offrad transfercase with rangebox
    AWD Race transfercase
    RWD transfercase
    Front Open, LSD and Locking differentials
    Rear Open, LSD and Locking differentials
    3.89, 4.25, 4.44 and Adjustable gear ratio for every differential
    Offroad Struts (Slighly lifted)

    Bruckel LeGran
    Stage 2 Supercharger with Sport Tuning included
    3.73 Gear ratio
    4.10 Gear ratio

    Ibishu Pessima (Modern)
    3.89 Gear ratio
    4.44 Gear ratio
    3.0 V6 Engine
    Sport Intake for V6
    Stage 1 Performance Long Block for V6
    Stage 2 Performance Long Block for V6
    Sport ECU for V6
    Adjustable Performance ECU for V6
    Race exhaust

    Ibishu Pessima (Old)
    4.44 Gear ratios

    Bruckel Moonhawk
    396 CUI Engine
    Stage 1 Street Carburetor
    Stage 2 Street Carburetor
    Heavy Duty Rear Sway Bar
    4-Speed Automatic Transmission

    Hirochi Sunburst
    Stage 3 Performance Long Block
    Adjustable Performance ECU (9000rpm)
    Sport Turbocharger (200hp)
    Sport S+ Turbocharger (250hp)
    Sport RS+ Turbocharger (350hp)
    RS+ Exhaust

    Hirochi SBR4
    TT S3 Twin Turbochargers
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