Izano Quadra 2018 (3 doors) 1.0

A cheap, convenient and luxurious ride.

  1. Veneno Bobby
    My first workshop upload, so please be gentle;

    Here is the Izano Quadra IV from 2018,
    a cheap, convenient, practical ride. Available in 5 colours, it allows luxury and modern design to cope with an everyday coupe.

    Of course it has been made using Automation, so it is pretty unrealistic (engine sound is a bit cartoonesque). BUT, when I have the time I will "upgrade" it and apply an interior to the car.

    The vehicle's top speed is about 260 kph, but can be hard to reach because of turns. :(

    (Izano is a fictional japanese car manufacturer, axed on comfort, modern designs and reliability, it makes vehicles in the era of time, without being abusive, the vehicles from Izano shows an esthetic approach of everyday.)

    (this vehicle will get an interior update, whenever I decide to buy Automation lol)

    More to come :p
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