Island of Speed 1.5

The island that doesn't look like an island.

  1. Update to V0.22

    Yes, I wanted to do a full rehaul of the map, but that just destroyed the feel to it and I also didn't have much time to get my hands on that.

    What's changed?
    - Fixed textures
    - Added grass
    - Added sort of a small rocky tunnel
    - Improved decal road spine (also AI was changed from 3 to 1)
    - Other tiny changes...

    Any glitches, issues belong to the discussion tab, thanks.
  2. Minor changes

    -fixed decal roads
    -removed not visible vegetation
    -changed some MORE paint from rock to grass
    -changed terrain paint on the asphalt road (near spawn) from dirt to asphalt
    -smoothed terrain on the side of the coast road
    -updated and fixed very small things
    -added AI support for the side road added in the version 1.3
    -a little less chance to get your wheels stuck on the bridge (but still can happen!)

  3. Tunnels, roads, piers & fix

    The FPS (framerate) in this update drops down for around 5-3 fps. Please DON'T review bad. I'm working on that to be improved.

    -fixed the decal roads leading to the small islands
    -fixed some more terrain paint under the roads
    -fixed some ocean terrain paint to sand
    -fixed ''flying'' objects
    -fixed some terrain paint from rock to grass
    -changed the road texture on the small islands
    -changed the texture...
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  4. Fix & new stuff

    -Fixed the decal roads (not looking through each other)
    -Fixed the terrain paint under the roads
    -Smoothed the ocean terrain (to make it look better)
    -Fixed the dirt roads
    -Fixed the turned bridge
    -Finished the dirt roads to be connected with the asphalt road
    -removed the vegetation that wasn't visible
    -removed the islands that weren't visible
    -added a new road texture for the road at the gas station
    -added 2 small dirt roads
    -added a small amount of...
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  5. MODERATION : Zip updated : Levels folder Added

    MODERATION : Zip updated : Levels folder Added
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