Unsupported Island of Speed 1.5

The island that doesn't look like an island.

  1. Tunnels, roads, piers & fix

    The FPS (framerate) in this update drops down for around 5-3 fps. Please DON'T review bad. I'm working on that to be improved.

    -fixed the decal roads leading to the small islands
    -fixed some more terrain paint under the roads
    -fixed some ocean terrain paint to sand
    -fixed ''flying'' objects
    -fixed some terrain paint from rock to grass
    -changed the road texture on the small islands
    -changed the texture concrete texture at the spawn point
    -moved the direction of the side road on the small islands
    -added a new dirt path
    -added new vegetation and rocks
    -added rock paint on some steep hills
    -added a new stream
    -added abonded piers
    screenshot_00040.png screenshot_00041.png screenshot_00042.png
    -added 2 new tunnels
    -Added holes to the tunnels
    screenshot_00043.png screenshot_00045.png screenshot_00047.png screenshot_00049.png screenshot_00051.png
    -Added new buildings, ramps, roads
    screenshot_00037.png screenshot_00053.png screenshot_00054.png
    -Added more huge rocks for the main tunnel
    screenshot_00059.png screenshot_00060.png

    This version is the only one that big. I will be improving, fixing and changing small things now.
    Have a great time! :)

    Thanks to:
    @1UZ-FE for his awesome tunnel ideas
    @geronimo9 for his pier idea
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