Outdated Intersection

Burnout style crash junctions, with pickups and carnage o'plenty!

  1. Crash + Misc Fixes

    This update fixes the common crashes when loading the scenarios, as well as some other misc changes and fixes:
    • Fixed common crashes when loading and unloading scenarios
    • Fixed scenario "Circular Carnage" not loading
    • Fixed scenario "Circular Carnage" display the wrong medal scores when loaded
    • Fixed target car takedown message showing again if hit multiple times
    • Fixed trees in "Down Below" not rendering at far distances
    • Fixed multipliers not playing the correct sound file
    • Fixed "Parking Perils" ending too quickly
    • New dev bests:
    • "Over the Edge": 350472
    • "Circular Carnage": 626346
    • (If you got a dev best medal in one of these levels, which is now less than the new one, then you'll loose that medal)
    • Adjusted the scores for "Over the Edge", due to brake changes
    • Sped up the end screen effects

    A few people have asked about why the mod is in alpha, so here's a general update of the mod:
    This mod has been in alpha for a little while but I'm working on the next big update - currently, the mod feels more of a sandbox system with no real direction. There's a lot of features I want to add that Burnout has done previously (unlock cars as you go; some cars have better explosion power than others), though working them into the mod is going to be tricky. The hubworld has grown on me since I first made it, so that might stay the same.

    Anyways, small bug-fixes and changes may happen intermittently, but there will be some big changes happening sometime in the near-future - I appreciate all the support and critique so far :); I always appreciate feedback and bug reports!
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