Outdated Intersection

Burnout style crash junctions, with pickups and carnage o'plenty!

  1. Art syle changes + Hub-world + More

    The first major update brings a more realistic art style with some weather an time effects, a hub world for accessing the scenarios and a bunge of other improvements!

    The hub-world is not fully finished, and may changed in the future. There is no unlocking system so all scenarios are unlocked straight away; again, it will probably be changed in the future.

    20200413183826_1.jpg 20200413184002_1.jpg screenshot_2020-04-13_18-35-00.png screenshot_2020-04-13_18-35-16.png screenshot_2020-04-13_18-36-56.png screenshot_2020-04-13_18-39-04.png screenshot_2020-04-13_18-42-42.png

    • Transferred over to use more realistic textures and tree models
    • Scenarios have different time of day and weather effects
    • Crashbreaker shockwave has been updated
    • Created the hubworld (not fully finished) which allows you to warp to each scenario
    • 4 new scenarios:
    • Head On (medium)
    • Instant Chaos (medium)
    • Parallel Panic (hard)
    • Shrapnel (medium)
    • Fixed a common crash when transferring scenarios, especially when re-loading the same scenario
    • New Instant-Crashbreaker pickup, which instantly creates a crashbreaker explosion (indepedent of the main crashbreaker)
    • Implemented savefile - scores and medals will now be saved
    • New dev best for Car Skimming: 262264
    • AI vehicles fully stop pathing if they are crashed into
    • Crashbreakers now also apply the brakes on AI cars
    • Personal best and tracking already achieved medals now implemented in the end screen
    • Scenario timeout has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
    • Fixed AI vehicles crashing into props not counting towards scoring
    • Fixed half-multiplier only partially casting shadows
    • Updated coins and medals to have a metallic texture to them
    • Fixed bronze coin in Down and Out not being set to dynamic
    • Vehicle damage is now counted on the scoring UI
    • Fixed central messages UI overlapping final UI
    • Fixed central messages UI not having the correct colour of glow for each message
    • Extra second lenience for contact timer when all AI vehicles are parked and the crashbreaker has not yet been unlocked

    This is kind of a pre-beta, as most of the structural elements are in place. There are quite a few things I want to add (like earning cars and being able to use them in scenarios with crashbreaker level power with them), but that'll be some time in the future ;).
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