Outdated Intersection

Burnout style crash junctions, with pickups and carnage o'plenty!

  1. Bugfixes + additional levels

    This update fixes some issues with scoring and timers, as well as adding in some new levels:
    • Fixed scoring carying over from previous scenarios and timers ending too early
    • Fixed shockwaves not showing when a vehicle leaves the scenario
    • Target car sign now changes colour to green when crashed into
    • Three new scenarios:
      • Around A Roundabout (Easy)
      • Car Skimming (Medium)
      • Circular Car-nage (Medium)
    Next update will hopefully focus on getting the hubworld system in place :).

    screenshot_2020-02-23_10-28-42.png screenshot_2020-02-23_16-29-54.png screenshot_2020-02-23_16-42-50.png
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