Outdated Intersection

Burnout style crash junctions, with pickups and carnage o'plenty!

  1. Darthbob555

    Intersection is a scenario pack that is essentially Burnout's crash mode, specifically, Burnout 3 and Revenge.

    screenshot_2020-04-11_17-20-44.png screenshot_2020-04-11_18-31-44.png screenshot_2020-04-11_17-25-36.png

    In each scenario, you will be tasked with causing as much chaos as possible, with additional pickups and your Crashbreaker to aid you.
    The crashbreaker is unlocked after a set amount of vehicles have been involved in the crash and violently throws vehicles away from your car. Press the headlight button to activate (default: 'N')

    screenshot_2020-04-11_18-22-21.png screenshot_2020-04-11_18-33-50.png crashbreaker.png

    Pickups can aid you by multiplying your score, adding more score or, if you're unlucky, halving your score!

    x4.png xh.png gold.png

    Each scenario has a list of medals to aim for, and features 6 new UI elements: from end screens and notifications to pickups collected and scoring.

    20200413184002_1.jpg 20200414094036_1.jpg 20200414094117_1.jpg

    All scenarios can be accessed through the hubworld (not fully implemented) and all scenario progress is saved in your BeamNG directory. Scenarios have different weather conditions and time settings, and also feature sound effects for various actions such as picking up coins, multipliers or for the results screen.

    screenshot_2020-04-13_18-36-56.png screenshot_2020-04-13_18-35-16.png screenshot_2020-04-11_18-22-21.png

    Each scenario has five medals to try to beat: bronze, silver, gold, chaos and finally, my best.

    bronze.png silver.png gold.png chaos.png dev.png

    This mod is currently in alpha, as there is still a lot more I wish to add to this mod in the future, however, it is at a stage where it has enough content for initial public release.

    Quick preview video:

    For bug reports, please don't use the reviews section and instead feel free to PM me. I can't have a productive conversation in the review section :)

    Currently known bugs/issues:
    • Icons in the center message UI sometimes floats to the left on some resolutions
    • If the crashbreaker is active when resetting, props may continue to be affected after the reset

    Finally, enjoy the mod!

Recent Reviews

  1. the ibishu covet
    the ibishu covet
    I loved it. but for some reason I literally have no idea how to pass the "Around the roundabout" level. Could you help?
  2. Superplayz 765
    Superplayz 765
    amazing its like burnout if it had beter physics
  3. MatGamerPL299
    This mod is FANTASTIC, but I have 1 problem...
    After doing 1 mission, if I load the next mission, the game crashes. Is it my pc or the game?
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you're enjoying it :)! There are a couple of crashes I know about; I'm in the process of trying to fix them at the moment.
      Would it be possible to send me your beamng.log, beamng.2.log, and beamng.3.log files via PM? - just to verify that this is the same issue
  4. DaddelZeit
    Simply great!
  5. Chrystale
  6. Inn0centJok3r
    Version: 0.1.0
    Absolutely mad! I've never seen such well done custom scenarios before! The UI is great, a bit laggy on my end, but never the less it looks great.
  7. falefee
    Version: 0.1.0
    Absolutely insane, as a darthbob mod should be. Great to see more Burnout stuff :D
  8. pixeaudi
    Version: 0.1.0
    I've decided to actually play the scenarios now, nice idea with the hubworld! This thing is just AWESOME. Again, are you working on putting crashbreaker into the freeroam? Would be very fun.
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Thanks :). I'm looking into adding the crashbreaker to freeroam, but it isn't complete yet. Hopefully sometime soon but no promises ;)
  9. CyrusGeorge2011
    Version: 0.0.3
  10. redrobin
    Version: 0.0.3
    Great Idea! I loved Burnout when I was a kid.
    Love the cool UI elements.

    AI cars don't always spawn in.
    Pickups worked 0% of the time, I played through all current (10) levels twice.
    Inability to pick your car is a bit of a drag.
    Would have been cool to have this as a playable campaign.
    BeamNG gets confused with the new UI I've found. Have to go though the side menu to pick another scenario rather than a UI button at the end of an "official" scenario.
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Please PM for bug reports so that I can have a proper conversation. I tested all 10 scenarios again just now and: all pickups worked and AI cars spawned in. Could you PM me with some more additional information (such as the log)?

      You can pick your car be unchecking "gameplay->competitive scenario conditions" and then CTRL+E

      I didn't create a campaign for a few reasons, the first is that it forces you to do the levels in order but also that I am creating a hubworld system where you have to unlock new scenarios and can do them in any order.

      The new UI does not have a "next" button - that is intentional as, like I said, the next scenario will not be known when the hubworld system is implemented
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