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Insane Testing .

Insane Testing map for insane tests

  1. Some changes and stuff added


    Added bypass to the big ramp on the rally track,
    Added a crocodile head,
    Added Glass wedge for better looking crashes,
    Added something at the end,
    Added some new objects to smash into,
    Added more vegetation and improved some areas,
    Added Staircase to that huge ramp and changed the other end so can be driven off or smash into something,
    Removed a lot of unused resources,
    Change no brains hill slightly,
    Change ring toss ramp slightly,
    Removed some Cameras...
  2. Insane Testing Final Release

    Map update many new changes
  3. Updated to work with 0.8

    Just a small update so it works with the latest version of BeamNG.Drive
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