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Beta Innocents Real Life Car Replicas Pack - The Sequel! 2.0 - 1 Year anniversary

Added TUNING OPTIONS Features 10 stunningly unique cars! Evth. from Ascari to a Peel P50

  1. Biggest Update 2.0 - Added tuning options to *every* car, revised sounds, added special plates

    The Update that changes everything
    Just on time for the 1 year anniversary of the original replica pack, I managed to finish a ginormous update. I have added Tuning options to each and every car, revised the sounds of multiple cars - adjusting their noise levels, and also added working exhausts to...
  2. New car: Peel P50! Including TUNING PARTS!

    A new generation of Automation cars has been made!
    And we start off with a Peel P50. But its not just a P50... you can tune it! Even throw a Supercharger on it! Or make it have 272hp... You can also AWD and FWD swap it!
    HighresScreenshot00320.png HighresScreenshot00347.png HighresScreenshot00348.png
    It features a ton of tuning parts- from engine upgrades to grippier...
  3. Added NITROUS! Added names to parts in parts in vehicle customiser + New pictures for everything

    It was only a matter of time until I will allow you to add NOS to these cars too...
    You can now apply 3000kw of NOS to a Volvo and break physics while youre at it!
    Or Perhaps 4000hp out of a Scissor doored SUV? Its all possible now!
    config2.png config3.png
    Now you can get any car to 4000+ Horsepower....
  4. Added info files for all cars! + INTERCHANGABLE COLORS!

    The day has come to finally add more content to the Sequel pack!
    This time you get info files for every car that tell you all the info and stats in the configuration menu! (Click on 'performance' for performance stats)
    info3.png info4.png
    Above that you can now apply EVERY COLOR of EVERY REPLICA to EVERY CAR!
    You can now paint your...
  5. Reduced file size + more compact images

    The Car pack now is A LOT smaller interns of file size! Ive replaced all 4K images with 1080p ones what basically 1/4rd the file size wasted on images.

    An added benefit of this is that the images of the cars will now get loaded A LOT faster when opening the vehicle selector!

    Whats next?
    Info files!
    Better Lights!
  6. Added Toyota Supra + added vehicle picture for Opel Astra

    After a very long time, ive finally decided to make the MK3 Supra that people have been suggesting for months. It looks awesome and drives just like that!
    HighresScreenshot00147.png HighresScreenshot00148.png HighresScreenshot00149.png HighresScreenshot00151.png HighresScreenshot00150.png HighresScreenshot00157.png HighresScreenshot00158.png HighresScreenshot00156.png HighresScreenshot00164.png HighresScreenshot00184.png HighresScreenshot00183.png HighresScreenshot00187.png
    It also has a customised light setup:...
  7. Fixed light setup pf Range Stormer and Ascari KZ1

    Ive taken some more time to add more ambiente to my cars. This time its the Range Stormer and Ascari KZ1 that got improved.
    They now feature individual Low and Highbeam lights and the reverse lights now got fixed. The tailpipes of the Range Stormer dont light up anymore and your eyes wont melt if you look into the lights of it.
    The Taillights also have been fixed and should be a lot more realistic.
    Lowbeams on
    screenshot_2018-12-30_18-22-03.png ...
  8. Revised Opel Astra F and changed name

    The Opel Astra F has been fully revised and changed to a GSI build that tuners like to do. The Front Facia is a custom one seen on the reference pictures.
    The car now has a 170hp V6 engine and is considerably faster with a top speed of 200+km/h. (before it were roughly 120km/h)
    It has a fully retuned suspension that makes the car handle very sporty.
    It has a bit of downforce going on too.
    HighresScreenshot00107.png HighresScreenshot00108.png HighresScreenshot00109.png
    Im trying to get a GSI livery...
  9. Improved Lights and Jbeam

    Ive de-lagged the headlights of the Lamborghini Diablo SV and Ascari KZ1R.
    Turning them on before, would have caused an immense framerate drop due to the immense ammout of light sources that Automation generated.

    Ive removed the unnesessary lights and have programed some other lights to only turn on when high beams are turned on, or to not turn on when high beams are on. The Lights now should be a lot more realistic!
    Lowbeams on
    screenshot_2018-12-26_19-31-29.png ...
  10. Updated pictures

    The Vehicle icons of the Volvo 480 and Lamborghini Diablo have been updated.
    The Opel Astra will soon be done. I just have to figure out of to make a skin.
    HighresScreenshot00085.png HighresScreenshot00106.png
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