Innocent Customs Quad Turbo Vivace / Tograc 1.15

Some heavily turbocharged variants for the Cherrier. Features Quad and Triple turbos and more

  1. Fixed texture, Innocent Customs Turbos spool faster

    Just 2 small changes.
    • Fixed Specular map issue with boost gauges
    • Innocent Customs turbochargers spool faster

    Images because why not
    screenshot_2021-02-13_18-18-03.png screenshot_2021-02-13_18-15-34.png screenshot_2021-02-13_18-18-44.png
  2. Buffed i5 engine block, added note to remove exhaust to turbo option

    This update just adresses some iffues I have found while watching someone else take the mod for a spin.
    • The engine block of the i5 engine now will not detonate with the turbos at maximum boost
    • The Triple/Quad turbo options now have a note in their name, telling you, the user, to deselect the stock exhaust of the car

    Thats pretty much it. Small but it's better. Have fun ^^
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