Beta Ibishu Saga 1.1

Ibishu's sporty grand-touring flagship from the late 80's

  1. Hotfix #1 + More Content

    Hey guys,

    Here's a simple update to the Ibishu Saga that fixes some of the community posted issues, and adds some content.

    Fixes include:
    -license plate placement
    -Exhaust looking weird, added Sport Exhaust
    -material issues
    -separated all meshes so everything should deform properly
    -fixed all headlight clipping issues (credit to @Nacho Problem for rad support)
    -reworked engine torque curves to be more realistic (generally bumped power, thanks Braskus)
    -reworked A and C pillars to be straighter
    -drag multiplier fixed
    -reworked part names

    Added content includes:
    -Hirochi Advanced Traction System (name, execution, and idea by Braskus)
    -new sport exhausts
    -new sport factory turbo + whole new models
    -more in-depth engine tunability
    -added oil pans
    -more badging
    -Vented and carbon hoods
    -AWS capabilities + configs
    -"Black Series" config
    -"Black Series" skin
    -"Black Series" badges
    -"Painted Covered Taillights" part
    -prolly more

    -jbeam cleanup
    -idk probably more materials
    -underside models are still kinda eh

    show.png XS4ws_M.png XS6T4wd_black_M.png XS6T4wd_M.png XS64ws_M.png
    see this post for other images

    Thats all, report bugs in the thread and have fun.
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