Ibishu Pessima Super Touring Pack 2.0

Super Touring inspired liveries for the 1988 and 1996 Pessima.

  1. Update 2 - Really late but up-to-date.

    No longer confined to the late eighties, the Ibishu Pessima Super Touring Series lasted, surprisingly, well into the nineties.

    This update brings six entirely new liveries to the 1996 Ibishu Pessima, along with Super Touring inspired configurations, and an extra 'classic' Livery for the 88' Pessima.
    screenshot_2019-06-04_16-44-29.jpg screenshot_2019-06-04_16-44-01.jpg

    All previous Super Touring configurations have also received some minor fixes here and there to bring them up to date.​
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