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Beta Ibishu Pessima GT-Series 1.4.1

A more powerful Pessima with AWS and AWD

  1. Long overdue but finally here

    I updated the GT series to the newest version of beam but i removed some conifgs to redo them
  2. Update to the newest features

    So after a long time i updated the GT-Series to the newest beam version but i had to temporarily remove some configs and engines wich werent as finished as i wanted them to be
  3. Eco Hotfix

    I accidently uploaded the wrong version so now the eco engine should have the correct torquecurve.
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  4. Quick Sound Update and 2 new engines

    Added an 2.0l "eco" Engine on the smaller versions and a Rotary engine wich isnt 100 percent finished
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  5. Small Hotfix

    I now fixed that the Gtt GTW GTL and GTSR used older parts wich they shoudnt use
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  6. More Configs!

    There are now alot more configs including Series 1 and 2 versions of them


    1. screenshot_00596.png
  7. Overhaul Already

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