Ibishu Pessima 2019-2025 Lineup 1.0

It's the Pessima, now newer, bigger, but keeps the lineup. Only Sedan Included.

  1. MEM756
    Hi there! Today, I'll be doing something special! I think you all know the Ibishu Pessima, right? It feels too old, and maybe also outdated and feels it could be improoved. Well, here you have, a 2019-2025 Ibishu Pessima, which has just come out. Well see each version deeply, in alphabetical order:

    First, it loos like this:

    DX A:
    It's an automatic version of the base model, but by no means the cheapest or less equiped model. It has a 1.8 liter Turbo 4-cylinder, 5 Speed Automatic Transmission. It's default colour is Royal Blue, and has nice touches to it. it has low chrome roundings, but practical black plastics. It has also some nice wheels to it. Here's a pic to see how it looks like:
    DX M
    It's just like the last one, but with the loved and praised manual, 6 Speed. Also, its wheels change, and the colour is Champagne:
    This is the real BASE model. Speciallized for fleets, this has no modern tech like an infotainment, and the interior is basic, but security is still from the 2020's. It's engine is still a 1.8 L4, but with no turbo, and it's Automatic. It has the classic paintjob of mate white in plastic black, with every fixture having also that material:
    GT Glowz:
    Now a cool one. This car is basically a Special edition, based on the GTy, which will mentioned below. It has a pearl paint of a brightened Champagne, and white. The tyres glow by the way on the dark. The engine 2.7 V6, Turbo, Manual. And all the aerodynamic-cooling system needed, painted in chrome. That's why it glows. It's pretty cool:
    Basically, a more "regular" GT Glowz, now with a more classy dark brown paint, black wheels, and carbon fiber. Its interior is Sporty. But we're not finished yet:
    A peculiar car, which might be hybrid in some other circumstances, but not here. Fuel Efficient, more aerodynamic, and pretty faithful to the 1980'd pessima. The colour here is Silver, and is eco-friendly:
    LX A:
    It's more premium, with the same engine as DX, but overall this is the mid-level trim, bigger wheels, and more tech. Both automatic and manual wear Scarlet Red colour, but different wheels:
    LX M:
    It's the same as the LX A, but with a more traditional shift-lever, manual:

    LX A V6:
    This is a fun one. Basically the same car as the regular LX, but now with a 2.0 V6, more powerful, and with a Seafoam Green, and better rims:

    LX M V6:
    Again, it's just the same car, but with manual, and prettier wheels:

    And finally, we come to the ZX. It's the top of the line, basically has all that you can have on a Pessima, but the sport models. It is in a beautiful Royal Blue colour, bitone wheels, and an L6, 2.25, Manual:
    So, feel free to test this and all my other cars, and tell me if you liked this car, and also if you think I modernized this well, and if you prefer this, or one of the 3 originals gens. So, thanks for watching, and see you next time! All cars shown here, are include, but might be a little bit different. See it for yourself, you'll love it!

    Also, here, check were I got the names and colour nameplates:



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  1. Affonso
    Version: 1.0
    Good mod dude! for those who wanted a recent, old-fashioned car, the latest version is there kkkkk
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot!
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