1. Intel iGPU (6xx series) crashes
    Fixed drivers available!
    Instructions here

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Alpha Ibishu JBX100 0.1.4

JDM 4-door sedan based on 200BX, Toyota Chaser style + tuning/drift parts.

  1. Fixes and configs

    3 new configs with individual liveries
    Rear bumper bug fix
    Drift spoiler temporary fix (deleted nodes)
    More low end boost
    Steering limiter (if you still get breaking steering when spinning out, report in discussion thread please)
  2. UV layout update + apexi skin

    Cleaned up UV layout abit + apexi d1gp livery.
    And here is the skin UV template!
  3. Config improvement.

    Plain and simple. The Ebisu Touge config was never supposed to be in the release. It has been removed. But the suspension settings from it have been moved to AX53 build because it had a much more fine tuned suspension.
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