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Ibishu Dove 1.2

New four-wheeled car based on the Ibishu Pigeon

  1. 0.8 Powertrain Update

    Finally updated the Dove to game version 0.8:D

    1.2 Changelog:
    -New powertrain system
    -For now only one engine sound for all engines -the update somehow broke "soundGroup" names in the .sbeam file.
    -4WD versions now have viscous limited-slip center differential and official locking front and rear differentials.
    -Duplicated RHD dash cameras for LHD versions removed
    -Official lua used for clocks.
    -Automatic versions have more power now due to new torque converters and have revised shift points.
    -Some beams deleted to reduce body instability.
    -Some adjustments to windshield breakgroup -the windshield should break easier now.
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