Ibishu Covet Street Legal 1.0

Unmarked racing version. Used to have perfomance, but not really showing it's power

  1. Lekihiro
    This is how I wanted to see my everyday Ibishu Covet if it was in real life. No mods used while building it.
    236 whp. Small turbo.
    SweetDream.png screenshot_2021-03-09_22-21-44.png screenshot_2021-03-09_22-25-09.png screenshot_2021-03-09_22-22-58.png screenshot_2021-03-09_22-23-31.png screenshot_2021-03-09_22-23-14.png screenshot_2021-03-09_22-15-45.png


    1. screenshot_2021-03-09_22-17-40.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Ash Plotts
    Ash Plotts
    Version: 1.0
    You say its street legal and I tested it hehehehe
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