Outdated Ibishu 200LX

A sedan version of 200BX.

  1. Toron Beldevar
    Note: I have no plans in the short term to refresh this mod for the recent version of BeamNG.drive. It may not be updated beyond its current state. Do not ask to supersede this mod with a version of your own.

    This is a saloon variant of the Ibishu 200BX. I recently got back to work on it (again...), and it's coming along pretty well.

    (older screenshot from April, the real mod will look slightly better)

    It's based mostly on 0.4.2.x probably :/, although it should work fine with 0.5.6.x. Not everything is going to work or look perfect, especially the meshes in the altered area, which I still need to finish.

    I was going to release an update a week ago before I went on vacation, but I haven't had access to my PC since before I left. I have to apply new thermal paste in it to solve overheating issues, but I lost the tube I had, so the update must be delayed indefinitely until I can find it. :(

    Here's my progress to completing this: 62%
    • Jbeam - Mostly finished (except the rear doors), but very out-of-date, although I won't do much with this for now and instead replace all of the Jbeams when BeamNG.drive 0.6.0 comes out.
    • Flexbodies - Partially completed. The two halves of the body have been fused together, and the doors have been adjusted somewhat. The rear interior panels as well as the rear seats are not in game yet. All meshes will also be replaced soon.
    • Textures - Getting there; I have already amended the lettering on the back so it actually says "200LX". The rear doors are pretty good, although the roof and chassis need adjustments. All textures will need to be replaced as well.
    • Skins - The actual skins (not the body colored trim) will not appear correctly on the salvaged body and rear doors. Not all 200BX skins are included in this package, either. Fixes for skins will come eventually.
    • Configurations - These really need to be updated, but they work fine as far as I'm concerned.
    Anyway, there's nothing special about this car. It's just a 200BX with two more doors. Who needs that? Well, I'll find out soon enough...

    Also, if you find a bug (or even if you don't since this thing is so old), press the "~" key. Errors will usually be in red font. Tell me what kind of errors you have here so I can solve them. If you have another 200BX mod, try to disable it before confirming your issue.

Recent Reviews

  1. JetPoweredMacintoshâ„¢
    Hey, how about changing this to a hatch body and putting the PessimaBX mod thing on the front.
  2. james.watson902
    could you do a wagon variant of it
  3. Youngtimer
    Awesome, liftback 200LX and liftback 200BX would be great.
  4. RetroStevie
    Wow, this is amazing! A 4 door 200bx is fantastic! :)
  5. Solarisaircraft
    Really nice! The deformation is not bad at all.
  6. 2clickswest
    Oh man, it's what I've been waiting for. I wish you the best in this!
  7. RECHA
    Just the thumbnails and the rear of the cabin need work (visually). It will be awesome when it's done.
  8. GoldChicken
    its AWESOMMMME!! :)
  9. kingolachs2
    Looks good, but there should be some seats :P And could you maybe include your car variants to the BX section, so that there are not 2 Ibishus in the car list?
  10. TJLags
    Very great model! My new favorite car! :-)
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