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Beta Ibishu 200EX Electric Drive w/ Overdrive 3.1

The 200BX's unknown brother

  1. Fixed sound not working

    Sound needed the Ibishu Condensa mod installed to work properly. Fixed now.
  2. Facelift 2, ESC, Overdrive & various other tweaks

    What's new:
    -Fascia w/ grill,
    -Overdrive config w/ 700kW output
    ---Zero-sixty in ~2.5 seconds
    ---New body kit
  3. Revamped drivetrain & configs

    Redid all configs and gearboxes. All motors have been tweaked. Added new uniform thumbnails.
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  4. Complete overhaul

    Things that are new:
    • Fascia
    • Headlights
    • Torque curves
    • Configs
    • Sounds
    Things that are improved:
    • JBeam
    • Textures
    • Safety
    • Handling
    • Thumbnails
    Numerous other changes
    pic1.png pic5.png pic6.png pic7.png
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