Beta I4 2.0L Diesel Sound Mod [Sound Selector] 0.1

A quirky diesel sound using 440cid's wonderful "sound selector" tool [REQUIRED]

  1. Tronadorous
    ***PLEASE READ***


    This mod REQUIRES 440cids "sound selector" mod to function, please bare this in mind when downloading. I have kindly linked to the current version here:

    1) Install the above linked mod first by dropping it inside your "repo" folder as if manually installing a mod
    2) Download my mod here as normal
    3) Select a relevant vehicle (see below)
    4) Go to "additional modification" slot in parts menu for vehicle (default, CTLR+W)
    5) Select "440cid soundmod selector" addon
    6) Click again on "additional modification"
    7) On this "sound" tab, click the drop down and select "I4 2.0L Diesel" and wait
    8) Profit! The sound is now selected, enjoy and use whatever engine specification you want with my sound

    I repeat, this mod REQUIRES the use of this tool, for continuity sake, I will not "bundle" it with any of these "addons" I create, to allow people to pick and choose as they please, and, for if 440cid chooses to update it again in the future. This also leads into the below disclaimer.


    As always, please do not rate the mod as a means to report bugs or issues or "this doesn't work" without installing 440cids "sound selector" mod. Please post issues, concerns or "its not working!!" comments in discussion or via PM so I can help you. Such reviews will be reported or deleted if they are bug related. You are reviewing the quality of the sound mod, not the "preference" of vehicle you'd like to see the sound applied to, again, use the discussion tab for suggestions. Thanks :).


    Today, finally...I present a "car" based modern sounding diesel engine! It's actually Mazda 6 inspired, which I'm really chuffed with, not final sound though, may revert to a MONO track instead of STEREO. It's not 100% just yet either overall. I am trying a new tactic here from now on, by releasing my sound mod sto be used with 440cids "sound selector" mod. This means THREE GREAT things:

    1) I don't have or need to create a specific engine for the sound
    2) You guys can use whatever engine and whatever combination of parts with my sound, with no engine fiddling at all
    3) Will retain compatibility with and future custom made engine

    This uses your standard "on" and "off" samples, no exhaust sample because it's not ready to be properly implemented yet.

    NOTE: Sounds have been created and designed as follows:

    Idle by default is 760 RPM. Max rpm by default 6100 RPM (this is the limiter sound, if you want to push it further, remove the limiter sound effect from the file and "stretch" the rpm)

    You can use this sound on the following vehicles and any custom diesel engines you can find with them:

    - ETK-800
    - ETK-I
    - Pessima
    - Van (can be used on top of my other van sound mod, if you want to swap sounds)

    I think it sounds great, especially when you really "rag" the engine at the limiter hehe. With the new sounds added in the latest updates, you get a pretty complete feel, especially when used with turbos, superchargers or straight cut transmissions :D.

    *As always. If anyone feels like the want to contribute sounds from there own vehicles, please get in touch with details of what I require and your vehicle engine sound could well make it in game. See development thread for project vehicles i'm on the hunt for*


    0.1 - Initial Release, NOT final sound


    - Inside/Outside/Distance and how to activate mod


    - @440cid for his excellent "sound selector" tool making this type of mod possible
    - Myself. For, fiddling around for ages with these sounds, and never truly satisfied :D

    Feedback and Support

    Please report any bugs/issues in the Discussion tab, not in Reviews.

    If you like what I do and feel like supporting me to create future, better and higher quality resources, consider donating via PayPal.

    (Emporeous Sounds is me)

Recent Reviews

  1. ㅤWU_UTㅤ
    Version: 0.1
  2. 711GAMING
    Version: 0.1
    Would be awesome on the pickup too
    1. Tronadorous
      Author's Response
      Can be arranged :). Thanks.
  3. RenAzuma66
    Version: 0.1
    oh my god, it is beautiful, sounds very similar to the mk3 transit
  4. rocksim
    Version: 0.1
    Great mod! Just a little bit loud in my opinion though.
    1. Tronadorous
      Author's Response
      Thanks :). No problem, this can be modified easily: Go into the "vehicles" folder, and in each vehicles .jbeam folder just change the ""mainGain":-3.0," to something a little lower to your liking, then save. Do this for each vehicle and it'll be saved at that volume unless otherwise modified via the ingame "debug" setting (ctlr+f9 by default>engine>audio etc).
    Version: 0.1
    sounds nice! 10/10
  6. Kasir
    Version: 0.1
    12/10 Upshift sounds
  7. ForZac
    Version: 0.1
    the rev limiter sound is so good
    1. Tronadorous
      Author's Response
      Thanks :), yeah it's pretty satisfying!
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