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Beta Hybrid Citybus 6.0.1

A custom configuration for the Wentward DT40L bus that adds a real hybrid-electric drivetrain

  1. Minor fixes, and preparation for next major release

    This update fixes a couple torque allocation issues which, for the bus, will mainly affect the race configuration. There will also be an update notice when the bus spawns reminding everybody that a new core/common mod will be required for the next update to function. I'm moving the Lua code for the hybrid system to its own mod that this mod, the ETK hybrid mod, and any future hybrid mods can all share without each mod needing to ship its own copy of the code.
  2. Major Rewrite!

    This update includes a complete rewrite of the hybrid system! (Okay, some of the code is just moved around, but still)

    I took the time to properly organize a lot of code that was sort of tossed together in my initial versions of the hybrid system, and made it much easier to maintain and read. I also spent a lot of time researching hybrid gearboxes and doing a ton of algebra to perfect the equations and simulation logic the mod uses to simulate a hybrid powertrain, and the...
  3. Tweaks and bug fixes

    • Tweaked performance parameters to make the bus a little smoother and more efficient
    • Fixed the regenerative/friction brake blending system so it's more accurate and doesn't cause "NaN' on the "Pedals and Axes" app anymore
  4. Better Efficiency!

    This is another pretty major update. I have studied the efficiency of the system a lot since 4.0, and have managed to greatly improve the fuel efficiency of both the etk800 and the citybus. Many thanks to @default0.0player for their help with engine efficiency curves and tips on how I could improve usage of the engine!

    In addition to that:
    • Brand new sounds! The inverter and motor sounds have been redesigned, and the air conditioning/compressor...
  5. Better and Smoother Power Management

    This is a fairly major update. I rewrote a huge part of the eCVT and Hybrid Controller code to support a different gearing configuration such as in the newer Prius drivetrains as well as other recent eCVT hybrids (Pacifica Hybrid, etc). While doing this, I revamped a good bit of the logic to manage power availability and passive battery charging to maximize both efficiency as well as performance under high-demand situations.

    The system now tries to get the battery to 50% (by default). This...
  6. More major improvements!

    - Fixes for compatibility with BeamNG 0.16
    - Brake lights now turn on in "L" if regeneratively braking hard enough (even with foot off brake pedal)
    - Changed engine dynamics a bit (simulating an engine tuned for slightly higher RPM operation)
    - New "torque demand" logic which results in much smoother transitions between EV/engine modes. Throttle pedal maps to "torque on wheels" and everything else is determined from there.
    - More consistent engine startup behavior (smoother/quicker)
  7. Vastly improved eCVT transmission

    After studying planetary gearboxes and the transmission of a particular well-known real-life hybrid vehicle a bit more, I was able to analyze several issues that people were finding with the new eCVT transmission and I've now fixed them in this update. The transmission is now even smoother and does not produce "magic power" at high speeds.

    The battery state management is better as well, meaning more of the "working range" of the battery can be used and the hybrid system will pull more power...
  8. New Custom Gearbox!

    This is a fairly major update. I've completely rewritten the eCVT gearbox so that it is no longer a modified version of the BeamNG CVT, but rather a completely unique simulation of a real planetary "Power Split Device" as is found in Toyota and Ford's hybrid vehicles!

    The gearbox now simulates two separate electric motors using simplified (but still fairly realistic) electric motor torque equations, as well as simulating a planetary gearbox with the...
  9. Fix for BeamNG Halloween Update

    This update mainly fixes compatibility with the BeamNG Halloween update, which changed a significant portion of the shiftLogic modules. Some minor improvements to they hybrid system are also included.
  10. Harder, better, faster, stronger!

    I've made lots of improvements to the handling and performance of the hybrid system and fixed several bugs/nuances found by community members. This update to the Citybus is accompanied by the same updates to the ETK800 Hybrid!

    Improvements to Citybus:
    - Engine idle stop is now enabled by default on the standard configuration (and can be turned off in the Tuning tab). Unlike the ETK, the bus engine will only shut off if the brakes are held beyond a certain point and the speed is below 15...
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