Beta Hybrid Citybus 8.0.0

A custom configuration for the Wentward DT40L bus that adds a real hybrid-electric drivetrain

  1. Big update - 0.23 fixes and lots of improvements!

    • Updated to Arcanox Core 5.0 (see the changelog for Arcanox Core for more details on everything this includes).
    • Re-tuned hybrid system parameters for all Citybus hybrid configurations to balance the power and improve drive quality, as well as greatly improve the MPG of the bus (relatively speaking, of course).
    • Added a new hybrid variant of the game's new "Metro" skin, and made it the default for the hybrid City variant. Spiced up the hybrid variant of the old "Transit" skin as well. These skins now use the new V2 PBR materials.
    • Added a new White LED variant for the bus's destination signs, as is becoming increasingly popular on new buses in real life.
    • Made the startup sounds (the beeps) for the bus only play when the camera is inside the vehicle.
    • Added a new custom device along the bus's powertrain (between the gearbox and the wheels) to dampen some of the oscillations/vibrations caused by the bus's mass interacting with the tire nodes (mostly seen at lower speeds). Helps reduce oscillations everywhere along the hybrid powertrain when driving the bus at low speeds.
    • Added a new type of tires for the rear axles of the bus that have more "spokes" around the tire as an additional measure to reduce jitter/vibration/oscillation at lower speeds (the new tires have the same number of spokes as the front tires now; the ones provided by the base game have less spokes in the rear)
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