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Hyakuri ETX 1.0

The top trim of the Hyakuri, an urban sports car built with rally in mind. Powered by 320 horses.

  1. akindofcat
    The 2004 Hyakuri ETX is a revolutionary sports car that rips up both the streets and the countryside. This 2004 model features a turbocharged DOHC 2.5L boxer-4 engine that puts out 320 #buffhorses that are put down by all 4 wheels, through a 6 speed manual transmission. Despite it's relatively heavy weight of 1.5 tonnes, this street monster zooms to 60 mph in a flashy 5 seconds. Most of the torque can be felt from 3500 RPM and above, flinging you deep inside the custom seats designed by us.
    This car was purposefully made to rival the 2004 Sunburst, both on asphalt and on dirt.

    A few pictures taken of the ETX doing more or less legal activities on public roads:
    Hyakuri3.png Hyakuri4.png Hyakuri1.png Hyakuri2.png
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