Humvee H3 Mk1 2.0

HumveeHumvee H3 Mk1 4x4 Functional push bar

  1. Humvee H3 3.5L 5 -cyl Engine

    Humvee H3
    Now updated with accurate AM General Motors 3.5L Inline 5 -cyl Engine.
    Engine produces the real life counter part, see below

    Aluminium 3464cc Inline5 Block with Aluminium DOHC -20
    220hp @ 5600rpm
    10.0:1 compression
    Multi Point EFI
    5 Speed Manual Gear Box
    4x4 with manual locking front and rear diff.

    Updates to the body have been made to closer resemble the real H3, fuel tank, rad and rad fans etc. Updated the Push Bar to function better as well again.

    20220213150540_1.jpg 20220213150552_1.jpg 20220213150601_1.jpg 20220213150609_1.jpg 20220213150649_1.jpg 20220213150659_1.jpg 20220213150710_1.jpg 20220213150724_1.jpg
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