Beta HSV GTS-R G-F 3.0

Alternate Reality 1996 Model UPDATED

  1. G-Farce
    See Update Tab for massive V3 changelog!
    V3 Updated pictures: This will probably be the last variation of the controversial taxi yellow paintjob before it changes to Heritage Red for the PBR update.

    Random images: First one is Crashed, click to zoom in. This default red color is avaliable in the tuning menu
    upload_2021-8-19_7-30-37.png upload_2021-8-19_7-31-4.png upload_2021-8-19_7-30-50.png

    upload_2021-8-19_7-26-47.png old V2 export for comparison, Click to zoom:


    Cut Gif comparing V2 to the new V3: cutsV3V2picasioncom_a92872ab8f64b9c25ec54ba7f917925b.gif

    This is nothing like the real thing, not even a little bit. Race at your own risk ! I've put in a heap of work into this model to get it to where I'm satisfied with the outcome. But it is still nothing like the real deal and at this point it is not meant to be :) Hope to see more Aussie motors by the community, Preferably Holden utes. But I'm done with this

    Specs: XXX
    Mild interior and mildly transparent windows
    ID string: misc
    Old V2 pictures below:


    1. 20210505222547_1.jpg
    2. 20210505222222_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. MaxedOut1
    Version: 3.0
    Ah yes, muscle from the upside down land - 'Straya lmao. Awesome car! Driving it is really an experience, it handles amazing! Been having a blast drifting around Hirochi Raceway lol. Also, the design is really cool, especially the facelift. You made it your own while staying close to the original. Awesome job as always!
    1. G-Farce
      Author's Response
      Ahh my potato PC can barely Handle Hirochi! This is a fantastic review, I really appreciate it thank you! :)
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