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Beta Honolulu HI police 1.03

Watch out! It's the POPO!


    Flippi 284
    • Skin for the Sunburst
    • Skin for the Moonhawk
    screenshot_000151.png screenshot_000011.png
    • Fixed the H-Series config not showing up
    screenshot_000171.png screenshot_000101.png
    • Removed that ugly piece of black trim from the Grand Marshal and gave it a new lightbar
    • Added CALEO logo on Grand Marshal (It's also on the Sunburst)
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  2. Vanster skin fixes

    Flippi 284
    New and improved H-Series popo skin!
    Pics by @CRAZY RACER and @EcoNadder77
    HNLpopoo.png screenshot_004471.png
    (The pic on the bottom is a pic of the config, and the pic on the top is a pic of the skin manually applied to a van)
    The config is not showing up for some people. If the config is not showing up for you please report it in the discussion.
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  3. Added (WIP) Vanster skin.

    Flippi 284
    Adds a VERY WIP skin for the Vanster.
    No pic yet but it is supposed to look like this:
    The words in the back need to be adjusted and the config has no thumbnail yet. Otherwise its fine.
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