Beta 'Homebuilt' Compact Buggy 0.92

A small but super versatile buggy, built in your shed! (or..somewhere)

  1. Minor Update

    It's been a while. I haven't done that much, mainly fixing/improving things.

    • Added optional metal plating to the sidebars and bumpers, they add weight
    • Added metal plating to The Bugger derby config
    20220808141755_1.jpg 20220808141803_1.jpg
    • Added another set of rallylights, on the nose
    • Added rallylights to Crosskart, 1500 Offroad and Dune Buggy configs
    • Added custom tachometer to Race Gauges
  2. 1st Quality Update - Fixes/Improvements/Additions

    Quality update!

    • Fixed instability with skidplate
    • Fixed invisible/spikey/triangle driveshafts on limited slip diff
    • Improved the roof hatch mounts, shouldn't break & flop around as easily anymore
    • Improved front bumper rigidity, shouldn't wiggle as much anymore
    • Improved part & part name consistency/logic
    • Improved toe tuning & changed toe on configs (I aimed for as little toe as possible) FEEDBACK PLEASE!...
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