Hockey Puck 1.0

A hockey puck made for Spencer Johnson Air Hockey map

  1. Olrosse
    Here is a puck for the Air Hockey map Spencer Johnson made a few weeks ago, Credit to him for the idea and original map :)

    It has a grippy puck better suited for ice and a slippery one that slides on any surface,

    It also has tuning options for weight, dampening, friction and drag

    I wanted to add a size slider too but ran into issues with that, precompression deformed it and precompression time only worked on spawn and not resets, might look into it again for a later update

    Here is a link to Spencers map :) :

    screenshot_2022-01-30_21-30-37.jpg screenshot_2022-01-30_21-28-46.jpg screenshot_2022-01-30_21-34-17.jpg screenshot_2022-01-30_21-31-56.jpg screenshot_2022-01-30_21-41-44.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Crash Frontier
    Crash Frontier
    Version: 1.0
    Seriously GREAT idea!!! Thanks!
  2. Agent_Y
    Version: 1.0
    If you want to make it resizable, you can do it in a similar way to the vanilla resizable prop, so having the node positions multiplied by a scale variable. Should be easy to do if the Jbeam is simple. Cool mod!
    1. Olrosse
      Author's Response
      Thanks :) yeah that could work, i though about it but then looked at the 100 values i would need to add the variables to and left it there haha, unless there's an easier way that i don't know about? I might just take the time and do it manually, i would just need to add size parameters to the mesh aswell :)
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