Beta Hirochi Sunburst - Racing Skins Early August | 18

Skins for the Hirochi Sunburst based on real life GT- and Touring Cars

  1. 10 new skins.

    As the title says, this update adds 10 new skins to the sunburst.

    Known missing stuff:
    -Fix of Bull-Y akin
    -Colorable skins
    -One requested livery


    1. boi_garage_side.png
    2. brt_garage_side.png
    3. emp_garage_side.png
    4. funta_garage_side.png
    5. gold_garage_side.png
    6. hhf_garage_side.png
    7. mak_garage_side.png
    8. paf_garage_side.png
    9. pew_garage_side.png
    10. tom_garage_side.png
  2. 6 new skins!

    This update adds 6 new skins, although they aren`t colourable yet. The Bull-Y Skin will be improved in future updates. I have also fixed some typos in the configuration description.

    Credits: @EnjoyMyHItsYT Layout of "#77 Nomi Team" skin. The skin will also be found in his mod. [He requested it]


    1. aus.png
    2. bly.png
    3. sunbx.png
    4. swe.png
    5. trx.png
    6. zbox.png
  3. New Skin x3

    3 Skins are being added with this update, all requested by @Nissan patrol ST. It also updates thumbnails, so they look more like the actual in-game ones.

    Next update will most likely add 4 other requested skins and colourable skins.


    1. bjl_garage_side.png
    2. db_garage_side.png
    3. nns_garage_side.png
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