Hirochi Start 2.3.2

The cheapest Hirochi in the world is here!

  1. 0.21 Update

    • Updated all jbeams to 0.21 Sunburst additions and changes, including rear license plate lights.
    • Fixed several config issues, which mixed incorrect trims and parts.
  2. Hotter Hotfix

    • Fixed the front door issue on the Super Start
  3. 0.17 Hotfix

    • Fixed fatal car error when loading, updated to 0.17 specs.
  4. Opposite day!


    • Added an Indian 1.5 RHD config
      • Fully RHD interior, with all parts correcty looking/working
    • Added an Airbag config (just a 1.5 config with the driver's side airbag installed)
    • Customized some of the special configs descriptions
    • Fixed incorrect wheels on the Super Start config
    • Added a really slow engine to the Super Start config by default (0-100 takes 43s!)
    • Decreased the Super Start weight in 42 kg
    • Fixed ABS system not...
  5. Super Update!

    screenshot_2019-05-09_23-59-59.png screenshot_2019-05-10_00-30-29.png
    • Added the Start Super config. Which stands for Super Cheap.
      • No ABS
      • No right external mirror
      • No central locking
      • No vents and HVAC system
      • No water temperature gauge
      • Clock instead of tachometer (yes, just gives the hour, not the minutes!)
      • Cheaper Hirochi logo on the steering wheel
      • Cheaper looking gear knob
      • Sightly cheaper seats
    • Fixed and updated all turbos for all configs
    • Made all...
  6. Hotfix

    • Removed duplicate radiators
    • Fixed a broken texture in certain configs rims
    • Replaced old thumbnails with brand new white background ones
    • Made I3 engine a bit louder...or that's what I tried at least!
  7. Hirochi Start -The Still Alive Update

    After months of decay, the Start is back!

    Fully updated to 0.16, several components have been upgraded, updated, or even redone from scratch for a whole new beige experience, here is a quick recap:
    • All parts and jbeams checked and updated as much as possible with the newest changes to the main car, including the new body shape.
    • Brand new headlights, better looking with way less visible polys.
    • Added all latest additions in sounds, including horn, dynamic engine/exhaust sound,...
  8. Hirochi Start 1.75

    • Updated to game version so the mod works again.
  9. Moderation : Fixes

    Moderation : Fixes
  10. Hirochi Start 1.7

    • Fixed 1.0 engine using the I4 radiator instead of the I3 one.
    • Removed cupholders and armrest from the dash.
    • Added a cheaper looking hood grille for trims with one.
    • Added optional Indian and Kazakhstan license plates.
    screenshot_00155.png screenshot_00152.png
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