Hirochi SBR4 Coupe 1.0.4

Limited edition, unlimited satisfaction

  1. Various Fixes

    • Fixes the shoddy geometry on the Refreshed Front Bumper
    • Smoothens the weird "two-corner" shape of the rear part of the Coupe Body to be more continuous
    • Fixes the weird UV mapping on Door Glass and Quarter Glass.

      This update adds no new content, it is only a bug-fix update. It is backward compatible with previous versions of the mod.
  2. Fixes misaligned reflections on Coupe Quarter Glass

    Previously, the reflections on the rear Coupe Quarter Glass looked "disconnected" from those on the Door Window. This update fixes that issue. Existing configs and part names are not changed or affected.
  3. Adds Body Style information to configs

    Adds Body Style information to info.json files of the configs
  4. Reverts broken jbeam

    Initially uploaded broken JBeam, however this update should revert it
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