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Beta Hirochi Prasu 1.1


  1. Big Update!! (Skins+fixes)

    This update introduces skins and fixes a lot of bugs. you can now make your own skin, all the files required are in the "uvs" folder.
    its a bit of a pain to make skins due to the way the model and textures was originally made but skins are now possible.
    No skins available for the time being except the template "test" skin.

    Tweaked the front steering
    Tweaked the side skirts
    Fixed dragster seats
    Fixed over 60 deformed beams
    Fixed textures being colored when they shouldn't be
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  2. spiky fix and taillights

    fixed seats having wrong name
    fixed rear spiking and dash spikes. (shouldnt be as bad but migth still spike a bit)
    fixed banger hood being detachable.

    added taillights jbeam so they are now detachable.

    And like usual i probably also forgot to mention something else that i fixed. (i have a very bad memory lol)
  3. Few fixes

    Fixed overheating turbos thanks to @synsol tips
    Redid the rear windshield textures. (tried to anyways)
    Tweaked the radiators a bit.
    Removed another unused picture.
    removed branded steering wheel texture
    Prob forgot a few things as well lol. (sorry)
  4. removed screenshot files in zip.

    removed screenshots files in zip.
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