Alpha Hirochi Prasu (CRGZ Revamp) 2.0

Revamped of the Infamous Prasu

  1. Hirochi Prasu (V2.0 CRGZ Revamp)

    Update Log:
    - 17 New configurations (Total CRGZ configs = 23) These 9 new configs include:
    - "Customized"
    - "Drag"
    - "Memory Foam Meme"
    - "Military" - "Monster Truck"
    - "Ultimate Wheelie"
    - "Undercover"
    - "Walmart Deo-Volente"
    - Revamped Dash; both RHD and LHD
    - Revamped door panels
    - Brown Interior color -
    Brown door panels
    - Fixed multiple interior textures
    - New CRD Prasu Chassis (Permission granted by CRD team)
    - Many of...
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