Alpha Hirochi Prasu (CRGZ Revamp) 2.0

Revamped of the Infamous Prasu

  1. Hirochi Prasu (V2.0 CRGZ Revamp)

    Update Log:
    - 17 New configurations (Total CRGZ configs = 23) These 9 new configs include:
    - "Customized"
    - "Drag"
    - "Memory Foam Meme"
    - "Military" - "Monster Truck"
    - "Ultimate Wheelie"
    - "Undercover"
    - "Walmart Deo-Volente"
    - Revamped Dash; both RHD and LHD
    - Revamped door panels
    - Brown Interior color -
    Brown door panels
    - Fixed multiple interior textures
    - New CRD Prasu Chassis (Permission granted by CRD team)
    - Many of the CRD Parts
    - 2 Skins
    - Deo Volente
    - Camo
    - Added Mattress roof accessory
    - Concealed Police Lights
    - Deo Volente Splitter
    - Deo Volente Suspension
    - Reinforced Tires (17x8)
    - Two new seat types
    - Present
    - Race
    - Deo Volente Engine (Faster than the 1000hp)
    - Deo Volente Radiator
    - Dual Exhaust system
    - 14-speed Manual Transmission
    - Engine sounds now vanilla I6
    - Startup sound vanilla I6
    - New brown steering wheel
    - New custom steering wheel
    - STUTUTU updated turbocharger BOV sound
    - Backfire FIXES:
    - Bullbar & Pushbar are now stronger
    - Dash Textures
    - Added Carbon Louver
    - Added Carbon Roof Sunvisor
    - Added Student Driver Decals and roof boards
    - Added JATO
    - Added Ram Plow
    - Added Ram plow grip tires
    - Added Slow Steering
    - Added Spotlights
    - Added Whirly Exhaust System
    - Added Tuner Mirrors
    - Added Cut rear bumper
    - Thumbnail Updates
    - Flipped Prasu 17x8 rim

    Jato Texture is DARK


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