Outdated Hirochi Drag Strip (and Le Mans track) V0.10.1

Hirochi already have a raceway, so why not a drag strip? (also, Le Mans track)

  1. A few more small fixes and changes

    • Smoothed out the starting area much more cleanly
    • Removed a second car which appeared out of nowhere
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  2. Scenarios and a few fixes

    • Added 5 new scenarios
    • Reduced some cliffs to be less glitchy and stretched out - also made the starting mountainous area possible to land the jump on
    • Added some suspension testing things - looks cool but not yet finished and somewhat pointless
    elevatedhorseshoe.png icyjump.png smallmountain.png triplejump.png
  3. Le mans track

    • Added a Le Mans track (currently you need to teleport the car into the track as there is no way in)
    • It is not fully finished but the main outline and road is fully implemented.
    screenshot_1 (1).png screenshot_00004.png (sand is dangerous) screenshot_00005.png screenshot_3 (1).png screenshot_3 (2).png screenshot_3 (3).png
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  4. Lighting and more

    • Added lighting (works better at night)
    • Added to the mountain pond area with ice and steam particles
    • Added volcano for the jump with fire effect
    screenshot_00007.png screenshot_00009.png screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00011.png
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  5. General fixes and small additions

    • Flushed out the starting terrain
    • Changed the colours of the objects so they stand out and fit in more
    • Smoothed out the roads
    • Corrected some pathing issues for the AI
    • Fixed roads not showing up on the navigation UI
  6. More additions

    • Added underground and above ground tracks that intersect the drag strips
    • Added paths so that it shows up on the map and the AI can now drive on them
    • Revised the ramp up to the twisting mountainous track to be more drive-able
    • Added a central stand with signs to indicate the drag strip
    • Increased the mountains at the spawn point to be more of a challenge to climb - also added a ramp to get onto the second rock faces.
    • Trimmed the trees so that they do not intercept the...
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  7. Mountainous track update

    • Added mountains to the new track
    • Added path to the top of the new track
    • Added pointless ramp
    • Added two pools of water in between the path
    screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00001.png 20160609133330_1.jpg
  8. Texture fixes

    Fixed some textures not showing up.
  9. New terrain

    • Added descending track - currently WIP
    • Added AI to the new track but it likes to turn around halfway through the track
    • Fixed some terrain terraforming issues such as spikes around edges of the terrain
    • Changed the starting mountains to be less steep for an offroad crawler type track
  10. More scenery andtracks

    • Added the Race of Champions layout track with AI support - AI likes to crash into bridge because AI = intelligent
    • Added many, many curbs on the track to mimic the track constriction
    • Added more trees
    • Added a new drag strip with raised terrain for racing trucks
    • Added path to new area
    • Fixed some trees protruding onto drag strip and trees also protruding on the main path.
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