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Hirochi BAH4 1.10

Hyundai copying 2 other brands

  1. doritoboi
    A neat, cheaply made sedan made by Hirochi only made in the 2012 model year, because it was a failure! First, the original engine design had multiple flaws, so Hirochi had to improvise, and what was their idea?
    Cheap parts!
    It went up to 120 mph, with a speed limiter to 90 mph. Its RPMs go up to 5900. It also isn't only terrible performance wise, its also terrible in the cosmetics division!
    It looks like Hyundai tried to copy off of BMW and Toyota... in the bad way.
    Just normal Hyundai lights, but then BMW vents... ew.... not gonna get worse, right? You were right! The Toyota taillights look good on this car, to an extent.
    Well, that's the BAH4! Designed to be ignored!
    (that should be a slogan)
    This is my first mod on BeamNG, so don't expect good quality.

    How to install:
    Download it. Open Libraries and put it in This PC - Documents - BeamNG.Drive - Mods.

    Enjoy, and use responsibly :) it's cheaply made bah4.png bah42.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.10
    -1 for grille. Good car :)
    1. doritoboi
      Author's Response
      its supposed to be ugly :)
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