Beta HighDef's Pacenotes Pack v1.9

Pacenotes for timetrials

  1. HighDef
    This mod includes my saved pacenotes for use with the Pacenote App.

    You must download this mod for this to work:

    If you like you can watch me make notes for a long stage but I warn you it is pretty dull plus I screwed up the first 10 mins by just recording the desktop, but at least you can see the method over and over for the most part, also how to fine tune after the first pass.​

    The following vanilla stages are included in forwards and backward configurations:

    SI Mixed Stage 1
    SI Mixed Stage 2
    SI Mixed Stage 3
    UT Asphalt Mix
    UT Canyon Race
    UT River Rally
    UT Asphalt Hillclimb
    ATT Hillclimb 1
    ATT Hillclimb 2
    ATT Rally Course forward config only at the moment.
    ECUSA Road Race 1

    More will be added soon.

    If you feel that something is wrong or called too late, please let me know and I will adjust the notes.

    The notes in this video have been updated:

Recent Updates

  1. Riverbed Rally
  2. Utah Asphalt Hillclimb
  3. Small Island Mixed Stage 3

Recent Reviews

  1. vinkkelikasi
    Version: v1.7
    Great! Now add pace notes for Jungle Rock Island rallies and EC USA dirt rallies (and all others in the game haha)
  2. Wirayudha Gani
    Wirayudha Gani
    Version: v1.7
    nice, i need utah all Stage
  3. Wirayudha Gani
    Wirayudha Gani
    Version: v1.6
    Great, please Small Island Mixed Stage 3 and Utah Remastered all Stage
    1. HighDef
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I am halfway through SI stage 3 at the moment and yes, i realised this weekend gone that there are new TT's on Utah. They are pretty epic too.
  4. Wirayudha Gani
    Wirayudha Gani
    Version: v1.3
    nice. please in small Island stage 3
    1. HighDef
      Author's Response
      Thanks, it's coming. I intend to do all the vanilla Time Trials, at least point to point. It takes time though and I am a busy guy. Thanks for checking it out.
  5. Chig: Baron of Beard
    Chig: Baron of Beard
    Version: v1.0
    Really cool stuff, just the notes come a bit too late at times. Hearing there's a hairpin immediately after the turn I just got to is a touch difficult to make.
    1. HighDef
      Author's Response
      If you could tell me where I could fix it.
  6. Dummiesman
    Version: v1.0
    A nice variation of races with well done pace notes throughout. Makes it easy to go through a course without even knowing it beforehand!
  7. carsmin
    Version: v1.0
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