Outdated Hectic Delivery (Gull) 1.3

Deliver the package in a hurry, but watch out for traffic!

  1. Version 1.3

    First of all, new traffic scenarios are coming soon. Don't worry, I'm not stuck on this one! I wanna polish my code as much as possible so new scenarios will be easier to create and optimize.

    New stuff:
    • Traffic vehicles can appear in a variety of colors! It will feel like there are more unique drivers in the world. As far as I can tell, this doesn't add any more lag.
    • New anti-stutter code. When a traffic car teleports, the game shouldn't lock up on frames so much....
  2. Version 1.2

    Just bug fixes.
    • Added a few rocks near the last intersection; you can still cut the corner, but you shouldn't be pulling a Wile E. Coyote by skidding off the cliff now
    • Fixed traffic speed limit; it wasn't really working before, heh
    • Fixed traffic damage logic; if traffic bumps each other while you're away from them, the scenario won't blame you for the damage 99% of the time
    • Fixed a few problematic spawn zones
    • Tweaked some numbers; slightly higher AI aggression (don't...
  3. Version 1.1

    Quick update here!
    • Moved a few problematic spawn zones
    • Added a few spawn zones
    • Fixed minor bugs (there should be less dumb AI accidents now)
    Expect more updates later!
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